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Opening control

Manual control

Reliable and easy to use opening system for skylights is a manual screw opener with a detachable crank. Such above system is used only for venting function.

Pneumatic control

System is activated when the tripping device, so called thermal trip that is provided with an ampoule thermal trip and CO2 cartridge, is triggered. Standard tripping temperature is 68°C or 93°C. The system may be also activated manually by the use of the central alarm box with a CO2 cartridge. Connection of the flaps with alarm boxes is made by means of copper or steel pipes R6 mm or R8 mm. 

Electric control

System is activated automatically when any smoke sensor or temperature sensor connected to an alarm box is triggered. Alarm boxes are equipped with rechargeable batteries 24V to sustain voltage through 24-72 hours for all smoke removal system. System may be launched manually using the smoke removal buttons. The above system is versatile and allows controlling both smoke removal and venting function.


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