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Traffic mirrors are a great way to eliminate unnecessary accidents, maintain security and control traffic. Mirrors are available in either round or rectangular versions providing maximum visibility at crossroads, intersections and other restricted view areas, and assisting drivers to avoid dangerous situations that could lead to accidents and collisions.

Traffic mirrors have a distinctive red and white border; this helps drivers and pedestrians to easily notice the mirror within its immediate surroundings. This feature makes the Traffic Mirror ideal in places where there is difficult access and blind spots. Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments.

All mirrors come complete with fixing hardware.

The indoor surveillance mirrors are an essential and effective way to prevent accidents and damages or to discourage theft. They can significantly reduce human injury and stock damage when strategically positioned in warehouses, hospitals, factories, car parks and high-risk collision situations

Dome mirrors provide collision prevention and surveillance in hospitals, clinics, and rest homes as well as industrial warehouses, retail and commercial facilities. One large dome mirror does the work of at least two conventional mirrors.

Full dome mirrors offer a 360 degree view of an area.  Usually mounted to a ceiling, they offer a clear vast view of an area you would like to have surveillance or need to see an intersection.


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