USA2/USA3 units

      The USA is a device that synchronizes, controls and monitors the simultaneous running of chain actuators fitted on the same frame. It becomes essential when two or three  chain actuators are set up on large size windows, providing a regular and even movement of the vents, to guarantee the security of the frame and connected motors.

      The microprocessor of this unit checks in real time the actuators feeding power, consumption and speed. When any one of the checked parameters does not meet the standard, the USA automatically disconnects the feeding and signals, by a pilot light, which actuator is causing the failure.Only two or three actuators, preset with a five-wire cable connection, can be linked to the USA2 and USA3. The unit is fitted in a grey shock-resistant plastic case. Both the unit and the actuators can work either at 230V – 50Hz or 24V DC. It is preset for connection to all wind, rain, air-conditioning, smoke and heat evacuation systems. CE marked device complying with the following regulations: EEC 89/336, EEC 73/23 and following amendments.


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