AC8/PCU32/MEM units

       The AC8 and the PCU32 represent a modular control and surveying system for the evacuation of smoke and heat and to control climatic variations such as rain and wind. The module system has been designed to allow the customer great flexibility to implementÄ“ and to program the system according tospecific requirements.

        The AC8 control unit can be connected up to a max of 31 units by means of a RS485 serial line. The AC8 can be employed in three different application systems:

  • Single: only one AC8 unit to control one single area (connection of 24V motors for max. 16A)
  • Multiple: more than one units, to control various areas simultaneously (max 31)
  • Combined multiple: to control more areas from one single point (many AC8 units and one PCU32 display).

The PCU32 module, equipped with a LCD display, displays and monitors the status of all the AC8 control units connected to it and control them in single or multiple way. It has the buttons for the general command and the matrix to display the status of the peripheral modules of each zone.

            The innovative system allows to place the AC8 module close to the motors to control. Each systems configuration can be further implemented with the MEM/AL optional module that allows the connection of 24V motors for max. 16A. It just feeds the motors while the AC8 operates them. A wide choice of accessories, such as electric sirens, flashing lights and automatic dials can be connected to the AC8 and the PCU32 units. The alarm caused by smoke, gas and temperature sensors is prior to every other function. Each MEM/AL module is supported by a feeder and batteries; the connection between control unit and MEM/AL module does not need particular wires but a Standard cable with minimum diameter. The AC8 control unit can work also with 230V motors: if controlled by the M5 module they can be used for ventilation. All detectors (wind/rain/smoke/gas, etc. sensors) can be connected to the M5, that independently processes the emergency and operates the window. A battery pack at 24V and buffer charged ensures the power supply to the connected safety sensors for 72 hours avoiding any power loss and useless long wiring costs. The feeding unit is contained in shockproof grey plastic with IP55 protection rating. CE marked device complying with the following regulations: EEC 89/336, EEC 73/23 and following amendments.


Technical characteristics

Power supply voltage
Output voltage
24V DC

Max absorbed current

Service type
S1 - continuous
Preset for

Wind/rain/smoke sensors, manual switch

Operating temperature

-5 +50 C
Dimensions (mm)

C30 that can be connected

12 pcs
12 pcs

ACK4 that can be connected

8 pcs
8 pcs

SL60 that can be connected

10 pcs
10 pcs




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