EVP control units

      The EVP wind/rain control unit automatically and independently controls and closes the frames in case of emergency through wind and rain sensors, that is when the preset values have been exceeded. The rain sensor connected to the EVP is the low voltage RPR heated version (12V). The unit allows the connection of 230V actuators. If a higher number of actuators are necessary than the standard, the system can be implemented with more motors, by presetting the equipment with a proper powerful relay or by using one or more M5 modules. Every module is controled by the same wind and rain sensor. An AL24 feeder, preset to receive the motors opening and closing pulse from the EVP, is required for the power going to the low voltage 24V actuators. CE marked device complying with the following regulations: EEC 89/336, EEC 73/23 and following amendments.


Technical characteristics

Power supply voltage

Max output power


Max absorbed current

Service type

S1 continuous

Preset for

Wind/rain sensors, manual control and/or thermostat

Operating temperature

-5 +50 C

Dimensions (mm)

C30 that can be connected

6 pcs

ACK4 that can be connected

6 pcs

SL60 that can be connected

6 pcs



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